About Us

We have been helping holiday-makers and vacationers find luxury accommodation in Southern Dunes, Florida for many years.

Dedicated to Southern Dunes

Southern Dunes USA manage one of the few websites that is dedicated to Southern Dunes villas. This not only gives us an unrivalled insight to the community, but also allows us to offer you a wide selection of 3, 4 and 5 bed luxury homes from across the community.

Direct from the Owners

Our wesbite was set up to help bring together the owners of Southern Dunes villas and short-term renters . By booking directly with the home owner, you know exactly which home you will be renting and that you'll be getting great value for money.

Our owners take pride in their homes. Many make regular visits to Florida to ensure their Southern Dunes villa is in good condition, and to upgrade facilities. They enjoy being involved in the rental process and the majority have years of experience in helping guests get the most out of their stay. All owners employ local management companies to look after their home, take care of any emergencies and be an important point of contact for guests in Florida should the need arise.

All villa enquiries submitted though our site are forwarded directly to the home owner or all our listed owners as required. Your details are not shared with any 3rd parties and will only used for the intended purpose.

Our Role

Southern Dunes USA is a venue only. We are not party to any rental transactions and we cannot enter into any contract concerning any property listed on the site. We charge owners of Southern Dunes villas a fee to list their home. There is no charge for website visitors to access our site or to research our listings.

For more details, please read our Website Terms & Conditions.

Villa Verification

When booking a villa for the first time you may have a few questions, such as :

  • Does the villa exist?
  • Are these the owners?
  • Is my money safe?

To help reassure you, Southern Dunes USA has created a Villa Verification Program.

ALL the Southern Dunes villas list on our site are part of this program, so look for this logo on each listing.

Verified Villa Logo

To be awarded the Verified Villa logo, the property and owner's details are checked every six months against official records held in the United Stated and in the Polk County Property register. In some cases, such as with new listings or change of ownership, we may also require sight of a recent utility bill showing the villa's postal address and owner's name.

All email addresses and contact details for villa owners are checked and verified.

Only if all these are in order, is the villa awarded our logo and listed.

We do what we can to ensure your vacation booking is safe. However, we do not offer any guarantees beyond the checks we make.

We provide the initial introduction between yourself and the villa owner. All future dealings are then strictly between the parties involved.

We believe all the homes listed on our website are genuine and of the highest quality.